How to lose weight in a month.

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So, a lot of women message me and ask me “Hey, I want to lose 30 pounds. How long should that take me? I want to lose 20 pounds in a month. Is that realistic? I want to lose 10 pounds in a month? Can I do that?

Losing Weight Should Not Have A Timeline.

Here’s the thing with timelines: yes, you can lose the 20 pounds that you want to lose. Yes, you can lose that 10 pounds, or that 30 pounds. Yes, you can lose it. But, I believe putting a timeline on the results that you want will set you up for failure. Why? — Because you’re different than everybody else who had to lose that same amount of weight.  You are different than Suzie, right? If you see Suzie lose 30 pounds in a month. Does that mean you will lose 30 pounds in a month?  Not necessarily.  Suzie’s life is not the same as your life.  Her body is not the same as your body.  Her schedule is not the same as your schedule.  So, putting yourself on a timeline that compares your results to someone else’s, just sets you up for failure.  

Stop Calculating Everything In Your Mind

I know you’re doing it, because I used to do it.  You think: “Okay, if I’m going to lose 30 pounds in a month, then I have to lose x amount of pounds in a week., and x amount of pounds a day.”  And then, at the end of that week, no matter how much effort you put towards your weight loss goal,  if you haven’t lost that X amount of weight, then you feel like a failure.  You start thinking: “Oh, I’ve already messed up, I’ve already failed. So, why even keep going? Why keep trying?”

Timelines Impose A Limit To Your Effort

When you set a timeline for weight loss goals, you’re telling yourself you will make an effort for a certain amount of days only.  You set yourself up to exercise or change the way you eat for 30 days only, right?

What happens after?  What happens when your 30 days is over or when you lost the 20lbs you wanted to lose? There is no next step.  You don’t know where to go from there so you drop everything and expect your weight to stay the same.   

So, I totally do not believe in putting a timeline on results. I  think that you should say “Hey, I have 30 pounds that I’d like to lose off of my body.” And then, you do what you need to do every day to lose that weight.   Don’t confine yourself to a timeline.  That’s just going to stress you out and nag you in the back of your mind every single day.  

You can’t force yourself to be constricted by a timeline when, really, you don’t know the obstacles that are going to come up that month, or during those weeks.   You don’t know how much time you will need to adjust to the changes that you’re making.

So, drop the timeline, and just pick a goal for yourself.  Pick the five things that you have to do every single day to get to that goal, and then just start your journey.  However long it takes.  There is no right or wrong timeline for anyone.  You just want to make sure you’re on the right journey for you, and not on someone else’s journey.

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