I was at this mall.  It was huge. I’d literally been shopping all day and I just realized it was the first time I’d been on an actual shopping trip since losing weight!  The weird thing is…


I used to despise it!  There was nothing I would try on.  I wouldn’t go in any dressing rooms.  I was too embarrassed to try clothes in front of people., so I would literally buy a bunch of stuff and take it home.

I always thought:

“Oh my gosh, all these store clerks are going to look at me and think that that doesn’t fit or that doesn’t look good on her.”

I was too scared to even look at my own reflection in the mirror, so I would just avoid dressing rooms altogether.  In fact, I was so uncomfortable in dressing rooms, that I would just break down crying. It was so upsetting when nothing would fit right, but I was too embarrassed to ask for the next size.  And let me tell you, when you are 65 pounds overweight, it’s not easy finding things that look good on you.

I would see stuff on the mannequins and think: “Oh my gosh. That’s outfit’s so cute. That would look so good.”  But then I’d put it on and I’d look totally frumpy and just embarrassed.  My belly was always sticking out, and my pants would never fit right …

Today is different.  Since losing 65 lbs, shopping is just amazing.  I can just go in and pick up smalls, when I used to wear extra larges; and pick up a 26 inch pair of pants, when I used to wear a size 16.  I just had an aha moment of how amazing it is to be confident in your body and in your skin. It is the best feeling when you can be like: “I can wear this and I can do this.

I had a crying moment.

But instead of crying in the dressing room because nothing fit me, it was tears of joy because I worked hard to get to this point to where I feel healthy and I feel happy.

I just want to share that with you all, that even though it seems like it’ll never happen to you, doesn’t mean that it never will.  Just because it seems impossible to feel comfortable while trying on clothes, it doesn’t mean it will always be that way. If you work hard, eat healthy, and exercise consistently, you can reach your weight loss goals, just like I did.

I know that’s easier said than done, and that is why I’ve detailed it out right here.  Everything that I did to lose the 65 pounds, and to keep it off is available to you. Click here to learn more about the LadyBoss FREE 7 Day Experience.  

It is literally a Pocket Personal Trainer!

Today is just awesome for me, and I want you to be able to feel that way too.  I want those feeling for you.  Those memories of myself in the dressing rooms, crying, and feeling like everyone was staring at me, makes me want to help you.  I didn’t feel confident in anything, and I don’t want that for you.  You can have these amazing feeling I’ve had today.

All you have to do is click HERE to get started.

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With LOVE, always