Losing weight without exercising? Is it possible? – I think this is a really important question to answer because when we want to lose weight, we don’t have to do everything at once anyway.  

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If we try to change our nutrition, our exercise habits, and our mindset at once,  we risk failing to reach our weight loss goal.  Changing everything at once can be overwhelming.  So, losing weight without exercise? – yes, it’s totally 100% possible.

80% Of Your Weight Loss Results Will Come From Your Nutrition

That’s right.  The cool thing about weight loss is that 70 to 80% of your result is all about the nutrition. It’s all in the diet and the choices you make when it comes to the food you’re eating.  So why do people exercise then?  — The exercise is going to help you feel better; and it is going to help change the look of your body and the tone of your muscles  So, if your concern is to lose weight, before shaping your body, improving your nutrition is a great place to start.

Just start with changing some things in your diet, like getting rid of junk food.  Second, stop going through drive thrus.  Third, stop drinking sodas.  Changing these habits alone can help you lose a significant amount of weight.  

Then, you’ll find that once you start losing weight, you’ll want to start exercising.  You’ll have more energy.  You’ll want to start training in the gym, or you’ll want to start doing cardio, or you’ll want to start moving your body, because your body will actually start craving it!  Your body will start to feel good again and get that energy back.

Losing Weight Without Exercising Should Only Be Temporary

So, yes, you can lose weight without exercising.  However, I believe that’s just a transitional phase of your journey.  

You can start with nutrition, by changing your diet, eating healthy foods and cleaning up your habits, but sooner or later, you want to move to a phase where you start working out.  Your body will want to start exercising, whether you realize it or not.  It wants to start moving.  

This phase is just as important as the first one, because this phase will allow you to maintain your weight loss results.  Exercising is what’s going to give you longevity.  Exercising is what’s going to give you results and health in the long term.

The more active you can be; the more you can exercise and get your body moving; and the more you can get your blood pumping, the more energy you’re going to have.  Exercise will have this ripple effect on other areas of your life, like improving your mood, your health and your self esteem.  

So, to recap, yes, you can lose weight without exercising, but once you get more comfortable with nutrition, you should get your body moving.   You’ll know when you’re ready, and when you are, don’t be afraid to get up and go!  

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