Today we’re going to do a goals storming.

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Goal Storming

This is my favorite part about the new year.  Grab your journal and write out the different categories in your life.

Personally, my life categories are health; personal improvements; business; relationship; spiritual; and traveling.

What’s really, really cool about this is when you’re done mapping out those different categories of your life, I just want you to goal storm inside each of them.  This is the time to go crazy.  I don’t want you to limit yourself.  Nothing is too crazy here.  

Let’s pick the category of health for example.  Write down everything that comes to mind within health.  Maybe it’s having a six pack this year or “I want to lose 30 pounds” or “I want to run my first 5k.”  Just list them out.  Just storm.  They don’t have to be correct and they don’t have to be set in stone.  Just write everything that comes to your mind.

Then, move on to the business or career category.  What are your goals for this year in those areas?  Just write them all out.  Then move to traveling.  Maybe you want to go to Europe this year, or Australia, or maybe you just want to go see your family that you haven’t seen in a while.  Write those out travel.

Then, move on to personal improvements.  What are your personal goals?  These could be things about yourself that you need to work on, like patience, discipline, time management, etc.  These could be books that you want to read for your personal development, or classes you would like to attend.

Then move on the relationship category.  What is your goal between you and your partner, your kids, your parents, your friends, or your siblings?  What are things that you can do to foster those relationships?  Write those down.

Then I want you to move on to spiritual and experience goals.  What are some things that you want to experience in 2018?  It doesn’t matter if it’s fly a helicopter or go to the ends of the earth. Write it down, all right?

Top Five

Once you’ve written down those goals, I want you to go back in each section and circle five things.  The five things in each category that would make your year THE BEST YEAR EVER. What are the five things in each category that you could focus on?  Then, I want you to collect them.  Collect each five from every category and compile them all to one long list.  These will become your 2018 goals.

You’ll find that some of them encapsulate others.  Example: One of your goals might be to get a promotion at work, while another would be to increase your annual income.  Well, that promotion would probably help you raise the bar for that extra revenue.  So, go back through your top fives and encapsulate the ones that are similar.  Then, put all of what’s left on one page (your top five from each category).

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