Why is meal planning so important?

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I know when you hear the words meal planning, you’re like: “Oh my gosh, I do not have time. I cannot do that.” I know you probably already feel defeated just by the thought of meal prepping, or meal planning right?

Eating Consciously

There is a really important reason why you should do meal planning when you’re trying to lose weight and when you’re trying to get healthy.  Why? — Because we can’t be successful at losing weight or improving nutrition, if we are not conscious about what we are eating.  

Along my own journey of losing the weight, I was just eating and going through the day randomly.  I would just go with the flow.  I was like: “This will be breakfast, and maybe I’ll grab that for lunch. Or run through this drive through for dinner, or whatever.” And I was not paying attention to what I was eating, or getting the full grasp of what I was eating.  So, I could never seem to lose weight.

Meal planning, especially in the beginning of your weight loss journey, is really important in order to become conscious of what you’re eating.


The second reason why meal planning is really important, is convenience.  Wouldn’t you agree with me that if a meal is not convenient, we will not bother?  If you plan your meals in advance, you will not have to stop several times a day to make a meal.

It is important to plan meals in Tupperware or baggies or whatever method you’re using, for convenience so it will keep you out of the McDonald’s drive through.  That convenience of having your healthy meal is going to keep you from running somewhere and buying fast food.

Whether we like it or not, we like convenience.  And if we don’t create healthy convenient meals, we will go out and buy convenient unhealthy meals.  The convenience of running through drive thrus is what ended up making me gain all the weight that I gained.  So, if you plan your healthy meals in advance, you’re going to find yourself thinking: Oh, I might as well eat this healthy meal because I already made it.  It’s already done.”

It does not have to be overwhelming.  Check out my other blog post on The Hidden Secret To Fast Meal Prepping: You can do this meal planning once/week in one hour.  

Bottom line, meal planning is so important, get on it.

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