Use music to help you find motivation to workout!  What’s that song that gets you pumped up, fired up, and excited?  What is that song that when it comes on, you’re like, “Yes! This is my song. This is my jam.”  What is that song for you? Put on that song and CRANK it UP!


Tell yourself you will get up and get going in 5 seconds, then countdown from 5-4-3-2-1! Like a NASA rocket taking off, when you get to the number one, just jump up.  Don’t even think about it. Ready… 5… 4… 3… 2…

3-Get moving

What I mean by that is if you’re chilling at home on your couch, and you’re like, “I need to go work out.” You need to jump up out of your seat, and do a couple of jumps in the air, or do a couple of squats.

Get your blood flowing in your body, because as your blood starts to flow, you’re going to start to feel better and motivated to keep going.

4-Change your state

Change your state like you would change the radio station.  What I do is I picture an old school radio where you can see the little dial moving back and forth.  I literally picture that in my head, and I see the dial going from relaxed or tired or stressed, or angry,, to pumped up & motivated, where it’s going off the chart.  I literally picture it flickering in the red zone.

5-Take LadyBoss FUEL

“Motivation In A Bottle” LadyBoss FUEL is A Delicious, Powerful, Jitter Free, All Natural Energy & Pre Workout Drink Formulated Specifically For Women.  You take LadyBoss FUEL and – no joke – you literally feel a motivation boost. All you need is to mix one scoop in a water bottle, or a shaker cup filled with water.  

See for yourself!  All you have to do it CLICK HERE to get your LadyBoss FUEL

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