50% of American women will want to lose weight at some point in her life, so I’m going to assume that if you’re a woman, you’ve at least thought about it at some point.

So, what’s the worst part or toughest part about losing weight?  Probably the part where you actually have to invest yourself right?  Learning about weight loss is fun, but actually being accountable? — So hard!

What is even worse, is if you try to do it alone — Yikes.  

That’s why the second we want to lose weight, we look for guidance.  

We all do this right?  We ask our friends how they did it, or we go online and search for answers.  We need clues, we need answers, and we need help!

A lot of companies out there have great weight loss systems, but have you ever found one that has an amazing support group to help you out?   A company that has an empowering weight loss community that fosters a group of women (just like you), and works their butts off to support you??  A weight loss community full of women that hold each other accountable and motivate each other??

Does It Really Exist??

To help you understand what goes on in LadyBoss’ weight loss community, I decided to ask everyone — all the ladies who are already involved with LadyBoss — to comment and tell me their favorite part or memory about LadyBoss. Maybe something they learned, or something they experienced.

But first, I want to share MY favorite parts about the LadyBoss community.  

  1. I love seeing all of the women have breakthrough moments.  The moments that literally changed the trajectory of not only their weight loss journey, but their life.  It is amazing to me when I see minds and bodies shift.
  2. I love that everyone in this group can see everything happening on their Facebook right from home, there’s no embarrassing weigh ins or meetings.
  3. I love that I get to watch all of the women improve and progress.   Seeing the women on their first day, and then, seeing how they become completely different women.  I love watching the women change through the immersion of the community.
  4. I also love being able to give them really, really in-depth information to help them along their journey and teach them some of the lessons I’ve learned the hard way.

Those are MY favorite parts.  

In our weight loss community, actual relationships are built.  The women become friends for life, support system for life. That, to me, is just incredible because it takes everything that I teach from the online world, and it makes it tangible in  women’s lives.

In the LadyBoss community, you get to immerse yourself and learn how to have the best you. The women in this group are willing to make it happen.  They are willing to be here. They all have breakthrough moments, it’s incredible.

It’s Not Just About Weight Loss For These Women.

These women are willing to figure it out!  Whether they have 2-3 jobs, or have kids to take care of, or have no idea where to begin.. Now they’re better moms for their children, and better in their careers because of it.   Just seeing that, and seeing what the group has done in the long term for them is just mind-blowing.

Check Out What The Actual Women In The Group Are Saying:

I can’t wait to go back and see all my lady bosses.”


I love everyone. They are all awesome, and they all keep my attention.  I also made friends I know I will talk to forever. I was so scared, but it was the best decision I ever made.”


“… so life-changing. I learned so much about myself, and grew so close to all the ladies


Favorite moment was picturing the bad memory and making it go away. Total breakthrough for me.”


Being able to talk and interact with others just like me.


The People Around Us Everyday Don’t Really Understand Our Weight Loss Journey.

That’s why a weightloss community is so important, because we go through our own life. The people around us don’t understand why we’re trying to be better or why we’re trying to change things.  Have you ever heard:

You don’t need to change anything. You’re amazing as you are.”  

They just don’t understand that you want to be healthy.  You want to be around.  You want to be able to be around for my kids and my husband.  And you want to be able to be the best in my career.

You want to be able to live a long life.

Being in a group with women just like you is so powerful.

“… I learned so much. This was the most fun and emotional trip I’ve ever taken. It felt like all of us knew each other forever… so fun. Friendships for life.”


Everyone Can Find A Reason To NOT Invest Themselves.

But I want you to find the reason why you should.  Find your why. The thing that you want to change for, the breakthrough that you want, and the life change that you want.  Think about your life, if you could have that missing piece.

Find your reason to be here, so you can adjust yourself mentally.  

You need to know that you are worth working on.  You are worth developing and growing.  You are worth being able to run around with your kids in the backyard, and chase them around.  You are worth being able to find happiness in yourself, and confidence, and friendships, and a support system, and learn from other experts on amazing stuff.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and we’ll figure it out together.  You are worth being here, you are worth working on, and I can’t wait to welcome you in this group.

But I Want You To Know…

This is a legit group with rules.. This group is here to help you FOCUS on your Goals & not something that will become another DISTRACTION from your goal!  I’m talking Resources,Tools, and Videos to Watch!

The GROUP IS FOR: Accountability, Support, Posting progress, Posting food, Spreading Sparkle, Helping each other, Motivating each other, Post Inspiring Quotes and images, Encourage each other, Love on each other, PUSH each other to be better every day!

Sounds Pretty Good Doesn’t It?  

So, YES, you can find an actual weight loss community that is full of women just like you, that will support and motivate you!

The good news is you can have access RIGHT NOW!  

Click HERE to have access to the FREE 7 day experience as a LadyBoss!

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With LOVE, always