I want to talk to you today about overcoming a food addiction.

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I am someone who struggled with food addictions and eating disorders and pretty much everything in the book.

The Food Was Controlling My Life

Every day, I would eat a whole pizza by myself.  I would sit in front of the TV at night time and literally eat a whole tub of cookie dough.  I would open a bag of pretzels and eat the entire bag with melted white chocolate.  That was my routine.  It just always felt like the food was in control of me.  I couldn’t help it.  It was a really bad addiction.  Then I’d go from that point to saying: “you know what? I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired of the food controlling me”.

The only way that I felt I could have control was going to the opposite end of the spectrum.  That’s when I would start binging and purging.  It felt like I was in control of the food.  Technically, I could eat everything I wanted, because I could throw it up later.  It felt like I had control.  These were two really, really, really hard things to overcome because I felt like my mind and the food were so much bigger than me.

I Asked For Help

One day, I was just basically praying on this. Like: “God, I just need help.  Help me.  I don’t want to struggle with this anymore.”   Then, this thought just came to me:

You are more powerful than the food. You are way more powerful than food. Food is stagnant. It has no emotion, and it has no real intention.  It just exists.  I’m the one with the power. I’m the one with the control.

When I had that thought, I was like: “wow, that’s so true.  I’m way more powerful than the food. How dare me try to think that the food can control me.  It possesses no emotion and it possesses no power.”  I was literally submitting all of my power to the food.

Take Back Control

I want you to take back control right now.  Take back control over food and just be like: “NO, that food cannot tell me what to do.”  That’s what I say all the time now.  When I see free donuts laying in front of me, or when I walk into somebody’s house and there’s cake,  I want to have it all, but I remind myself that it is not my cheat meal day.  Then, I just think in my head, that food doesn’t control me.  It has no power over me and it can’t tell me what to do.

When I tell that to myself, I reignite the power that I have over the food.

Stop Identifying Yourself As A Food Addict

Then the second thing is I stopped identifying myself as someone who had a food addiction and someone who had an eating disorder.  I used to say: “Yeah, I just have a food addiction. I’m really struggling with it.” Or “I have an eating disorder.”  I just started telling myself I’m not an addict. That is not who I am. I am not an addict of food. I do not have an eating disorder. That’s a separate thing for me.

Right now, your addiction and yourself seem like one identity, but you need to separate the two and be like: “NO, I’m Kaelin and I’m here, I’m on this side, I’m strong, and I am powerful, and I’m awesome.” Even though I didn’t believe it at the time, I told myself all those things and then I would add: “that’s my addiction, all the way over there, on the other side.”  Then it allowed me to separate it from my identity instead of saying: “This is who I am.” I started saying: “That’s not me. That’s not who I am.” When I started pushing it out as far away from my identity as I could, I was able to disassociate it from me.

Eventually, I was able to completely step out and say: “No, I don’t have those addictions anymore. I don’t have an eating disorder. That’s not me. That’s not who I am. That’s not my identity.” Because I separated it, I was able to stand alone as Kaelin and just be myself.  That’s what helped me overcome it.  I really hope that that helps you too.

Just know that it doesn’t happen overnight, but every day you will get stronger, and stronger, and stronger.  You start practicing mentally, to overcome it, and not allowing food to control you anymore because you have all the power.

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