Being overweight used to hold me back from everything that I wanted to do, and everything that I loved to do.

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I Used To Love To Play Basketball…

That was like my favorite thing.  I grew up playing basketball every day.  I grew up in Indiana, so we basically come out of the womb with a basketball, right?  I also loved softball.  I actually went to college to play softball, but after I gained all this weight and so fast, I wasn’t the same player.    I couldn’t do the things that I loved to do anymore. I couldn’t get up and down the court anymore.  I couldn’t just play scrimmage games with the boys like I used to.  That was always awesome.  I didn’t have the speed that I used to have, and it just crushed me.

I starting thinking: “This is just who I am now, I’m just not going to be able to do these things anymore. This just isn’t for me anymore.  I’m just not going to be able to play sports.  I’m going to have to sideline it or I’m just not going to be as good as I used to be because I can’t do it anymore.”

I would make excuses.   The guys would invite me like: “Hey we’re going to play a pick up game, do you want to come?” And I’d be like: No, I got other stuff to do.” I was so uncomfortable trying to run up and down the court.

Honestly, I didn’t Believe I Could Change It.  I Felt Stuck.  

If you’re not able to do the things that maybe you still love to do, like playing with your kids, being active, going rock climbing, or go hiking if you want to go hiking, I get it.  If you’re in that place right now, trust me you can change it.  It can change.  You’re not stuck here.  This is not how it has to be.  You can change it right now.  You just need to find a place to start.

When I was trying lose 65 pounds, I thought: “Okay, I can’t handle all of this at once. I can’t do all this exercise and all this meal-planning stuff.  What’s like one thing that I can work on getting better at and hopefully help me get on a roll?” So the first thing that I tried to conquer was my cravings, because I like food.  That’s my thing.  I was 65 pounds overweight for a reason.  I like food, so I knew that if I could conquer my cravings, I could do everything else.  So instead of sitting on the couch eating a tub of cookie dough at night, or eat a family sized bag of Doritos, I could just focus on making healthier decisions.  Then I could start to gain momentum.

I just want you to pick a place to start.  Start with just doing cardio, or start with just trying to make healthier options.  Or, if you’re like me and you struggle with cravings, just start with trying to conquer those sweet cravings and those savory cravings.  Actually, I have something for that.

I actually made a free cravings crusher cheat sheet for you.

One step will help you make the next step, and then soon you’ll be jogging – running and – sprinting towards your goal.  It’s all about taking that first step, not trying to do it all at once.  So, just start with conquering your cravings.

I still struggle with cravings to this day and I still use all the tips in that cheat sheet.  Take that first step today and trust me, you’ll be amazed at how fast it’ll come if you just stay consistent and you just trust the process.

Click HERE to get your FREE Cravings Crusher Cheat Sheet.

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With LOVE, always