We sure hear a lot about protein these days, but what are they actually good for anyways?  I’ll be straight forward with y’all, alright?  You CAN’T be eating proteins only, and expect to have a good health.  BUT, you NEED to eat them everyday as part of your balanced nutrition.  THIS is why:

  • Curbs Cravings

Cravings anyone?  I know you do!  But guess what?  Most cravings stem from a lack of nutrition.  Eating quality protein will help you forget about late afternoon, or late night cravings.  

  • Leaves you feeling full longer

Eating quality protein will help feel full and satisfied for hours after you’ve eaten, so you won’t have to battle hunger all day.  This helps to avoid overeating. #Win

  • Immunity support

Certain nutrients take the lead in helping protect your body from billions of bacteria, viruses, and other germs—and protein is one of them.  Actually, the antibodies that help fight diseases are actually made of protein.

  • Helps recover after workout

It promotes muscle recovery after exercise, by repairing the damaged fibers and replenishing your energy reserves.

  • Stronger Organs & Health

Proteins are made of amino-acids, which are at the root of all bodily function including digestion, mood, bone building, heart health and even memory! Like whaaaat?


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