We all focus on working out, right?  Like: “How can I workout more?” or “What should I do for my workout today?”.   But we tend to forget about what happens after.  So, the next time you workout, before you tap yourself on the back for a job well done, consider these:


Do you sweat when you’ve been working out?  Of course you do! We all do. Make sure to drink A LOT of water during and after your workout to re-hydrate.  Sweating makes your body lose water, so you need to get that water back – and more!


Your muscles work super hard when you workout.  Actually your muscles for work so hard that the tissue breaks down a bit.  That’s normal, but you need to rest so they can repair and get stronger for the next time your workout 😉


Stretching your muscles after you’ve been working out helps to reduce muscle fatigue.  Isn’t this amazing? Also, your muscles and joints are warmed up after a workout, so it’s the perfect time to stretch them.

Foam roller

This is my best friend after every workout.  You can get one at Walmart or Target if you want.  All you have to is put your leg, arm, or back on top of it and roll slowly.  It might hurt a bit at first, especially if your muscles have knots, but I promise it will feel better when you are done.

Take LadyBoss – RECOVER

This is basically food for your muscles.  Your body needs more than just water after a workout, okay?  When you workout , you lose electrolytes and minerals. LadyBoss RECOVER is an all-natural post workout electrolyte drink made specifically for women.  All you need is a scoop mixed with water to help your body re-hydrate and help your muscles repair so you don’t get sore 🙂

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