Snoop Dog in a Crop Top
I went with some friends to see Snoop Dog & while I can’t say that it was a great show, I can tell you that I had a great time!
(honestly not at as good of a time as me and my dog Kray have cuddling in his giant bean bag… 🙂 BUTTT….
That is one thing that I LOVE to do – hang out with friends & create life experiences!
…it wasn’t really the concert that gave me the awesome experience, it was the women I met. I feel like no matter where I go I get the chance to inspire other women & I LIVE FOR THAT!
I had chose to wear a skirt & a cute crop top (showing off my tummy…cause if you got it flaunt it girl!) to the concert … & BOY DID I GET A RESPONSE.
The women kept complimenting me on my body- asking how I stay in shape, what do I eat, how long have I been working out, etc…
& although I 100% believe in staying humble … It feels good inside to know that people notice the hard work I’m putting in!
…as I was talking to all of these different women – giving them tips & answering questions… I realized something….
No one ever noticed me BEFORE.
No one ever came up to me & just started a conversation.
No one asked my opinion or cared about what I thought.
Being able to inspire other women through my transformation journey & help them understand that they too can accomplish their health goals just made me feel MORE ALIVE!
That’s the feeling I want to help you feel inside. The feeling that you have been working hard & everyone is noticing! The feeling that you get to help someone else become stronger through your story! The feeling that you can accomplish anything!! The feeling that you love yourself & you love the way you look!
Because YOU deserve it… Just thought I’d let you know 🙂