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New Car Experience

How many of you went to buy a new car, and where like:”Man, this car is awesome. Nobody’s got this car. I’m super excited” Then, as soon as drive off the car lot, you realize that a lot of people drive the exact same car as you do?  You think: “How does everyone have my car? No one had this car before I just drove it off the car lot, and now, it seems like I see them everywhere.”

How many of you have experienced this? Yes, me too.  So why does this happen?  

When you buy a new car, your filter changes.  You start to focus on that particular car (the brand, the model, the make, the color, everything).  So, where you used to see a bunch of random cars, now you can spot your car everywhere.  Your filter started saying red Chevy, so now, when you see a bunch of cars, you’re pulling out all the red Chevy’s that you see because it means something to your filter.

Your New Weight Loss Experience

Now, I just want you to think about this experience in your weight loss and health journey.  What are you focusing on?  What is your filter set for right now?  Are you constantly seeing sweets, treats and food everywhere that are unhealthy?  Are you constantly seeing what’s wrong with you and picking yourself apart?  Are you constantly focused and filtering on the fact that you don’t have enough time?

Stop for a second and shift your filter.  I want you to start spotting out the opportunities that you have.  Instead of focusing on the time that you don’t have, focus on the time that you can find, like: “Oh, I have time here.  I have a little bit of time there.  I can do a fit at home.  I can get a little bit of cardio here.  I can fit a workout there.  I can get some meal prep done here.

I want you to shift your filter from the things that are wrong with you to the things that are right about you.  What are the things that you love about yourself?  What are the things that are awesome about you? Is it your determination? Is it your discipline? Is it your smile? Is it that you have good hair?  I want you to shift your focus and start seeing the things that are great about you instead of seeing the things that are wrong with you or maybe that you’re lacking.

Spot The Salad

Finally, I want you to shift your focus about food.  Instead of having your filter set for all the sweets, treats, junk food and drive-through, I want you to shift your filter to see the healthy opportunities that you actually have around you.  When you walk into the gas station, you will be able to spot nutritional foods, like: “Oh, there’s a healthy option. There’s hard-boiled eggs.  There’s a vegetable cup, and there’s a juice that I can get.

Shift your filter toward your healthy opportunities instead of the sweet treats, snacks and junk food, and watch how shifting your filter completely shifts your life.

You can do this with anything.  You can set your filter so you start spotting all the opportunities to move more, like stairs, parks, and fitness classes for example.  You might even realize there is an awesome gym next to your workplace that you had never seen before!  

Stop and shift your filter.  Start focusing in on those things that are actually going to help you get to that weight loss goal.

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