I am so TIRED of restarting!

This is something that happened to me a million times on my own weight loss journey of trying to lose 65 pounds. I swear I would start something, and by the end of that week, I would quit.  Every Monday, I found myself restarting on a new diet, a new plan, or a new workout system.  But, I couldn’t get myself to be consistent.  I really sat down one day and I just thought to myself: “Oh my gosh. This is so hard. Why is it that I keep falling off track? Why is it that I keep having to restart? Why is it that I can’t keep myself consistent?

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I Saw The Light

All of sudden, I had this light bulb idea, like bing!  I knew I was consistent at going to work.  I knew I was consistent with getting my job done.  I knew I could be consistent with being home at certain times.  I just started to think about it for a second. I was like: “You know what? Everything else in my life is scheduled.  I don’t just try to do it flying by the seat of my pants. There’s a certain time that I wake up. There’s a certain time I eat breakfast. There’s a certain time I go to work. There’s a certain time I have a lunch break. There’s a certain time I get off work. There’s a certain time I get home. Why should my health journey be any different?” Right?

I had this light bulb moment of:  “I just need to schedule it

I knew then, I needed to start tracking what I was doing.  I needed to start scheduling out my day: what time I’m going to go to the gym, what time I’m going to eat this meal, and what time I’m going to have this snack.

It sounds so simple, but it completely changed my life.  We are such creatures of habit.  As much as we want to say that we’re not.  We think: “I’m just going to figure out a time to go to the gym and maybe I’ll make it, or maybe I’ll eat healthy, or maybe I’ll be able to prep my food.” When you actually schedule it into your day, it helps you be consistent, right? It helps you stay consistent, instead of falling off and restarting.

Monday comes along, and we’re like: “Yeah, I’m going to do this. I’m going to crush it this week. I’m starting this new diet, or this new plan.”  By Thursday, we’re like: “Ugh, maybe I’ll make it to the gym today. I’m not really sure. Dinner with friends sounds more exciting.” By Friday we’re like: “Yeah. I think I’ll just go to happy hour.” Right?

We have other things scheduled in our lives, and we’re consistent with them.  We show up to them.  We show up for our job.  We show up to pick up our kids at the right time.  We show up to make dinner for our families at the right time.

Take out a piece of paper.  Write down everything that you have scheduled in your day.  Just kind of track what your day looks like, and then schedule in when you’re going to have a meal, and when you’re going to have a snack.  What time are you going to go to the gym?

I Used To Hate Scheduling…

I used to hate scheduling things.  I was like: “Nobody can schedule me. Nobody can control me.”  So, I started by setting an alarm on my phone.  I would set an alarm on my phone for each time that I was supposed to eat, and had those times mapped out on a sheet of paper. I would just track what I ate. I would track what I did.  I started getting wins, right? I would win that day. I would get all my meals in.  I would get to the gym, because it was scheduled.  It was literally in my calendar.

At the end of the week, I was like: “Yes.” I had gained momentum towards my goal, instead of falling off for the week.  When you start scheduling things out, writing it down, and start tracking it, you’re able to stay consistent.  You’re not falling off.  You’re not restarting every week.  You have momentum coming out of the last week, instead of having fallen off the last week.

Make yourself a schedule with the time you go to the gym every single day, and the time that you should have drink half a gallon of water.  When I started tracking those things, it actually made me aware of what I was doing. Instead of getting through my whole day and being like: “Crap. I didn’t drink any water today.” Right?

Just beginning to track those and schedule those things. That’s my biggest tip for you on how to not have to restart every week, or every two weeks, or every month, right?  If you can build momentum in your day, you can build momentum in your week.  You can roll that right into the next week and then the next week.  It all starts with scheduling it.  It all starts with planning it.  It all starts with having a game plan where you can succeed.  If you’re not writing it down and scheduling it, you’re just going to fall back into the old habits of what you usually do: sitting on the couch, or not going to the gym.  Is this making sense? It was like the biggest light bulb for me.

What’s convenient now, six years later, is that it actually made it extremely easy for me to keep the weight off.  

Just make out a plan that works for you.  But, make sure you track what you’re doing, and that you schedule your healthy actions in, so you won’t have to restart every week. If it’s not written down, it’s not trackable, so you might as well just forget about it.  You’re not even going to do it if it’s not in your schedule.

So, that’s why you haven’t been able to stay consistent.  Start to schedule, and I promise that you’ll see yourself rolling week, to week, to week towards your goal.  You’re going to surprise yourself at how much you’re actually accomplishing, because you’re not flying by the seat of your pants anymore.  Trust me, I did it for a really, really long time.

When you’re changing a habit or a lifestyle, you have to schedule it in for it to become consistent, right?  For it to become something that actually sticks for you, instead of one day you’re totally with it and then the next day you’re totally off.  Having some type of tracking system like this is going to help you stay on track towards your goal, so you don’t have to restart anymore.

PS: If you want help tracking what you’re doing, I actually created a momentum journal.  It helps you track all of that. Check it out: Click HERE to get your Momentum Journal

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