The number five enemy to your weight loss success is timidity.

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Timidity Makes You Feel Small

It makes us feel like we are not big enough, strong enough or good enough to make decisions towards anything.  We become too afraid to take the next step.  We become too afraid to take action.  Timidity fears us and keeps us away from actually doing the things that we need to do to get to our weight loss goal.  We think we are not good enough to go to that Yoga class, or we are afraid we will disturb someone if we shop in the healthy isle at the grocery store.

We become timid and scared of the decisions that we’re making.  We become afraid to take those actions, and we allow it to paralyze us to take that step.  

Moving Pass Timidity

You have to learn how to confront timidity when it happens, as opposed to stepping back.

When I was trying to lose weight,  I remember hitting these walls where I would get scared or get timid.  I would be like: “Oh. I can’t go to that class. I’m not ready for that, or I’m too afraid to walk into the gym.”

I remember my very first time going to the gym.  I walked in through the front door with my hood up and I turned around to walk straight back out.  I went back in my car and was like: “Oh, my gosh. I can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

Then, you know what? I told myself: All I have to do is get started. All I have to do is get to the treadmill and just start walking.

So, I chose to step through the timidity, instead of driving off in my car and never return.  I decided to step into “being uncomfortable”.  I decided to do it despite feeling afraid.  Once you learn to just do it, regardless of how you feel, you’re going to move forward and achieve so much more.  If you choose to take action, the results will come and you’re going to lose that weight so fast.

Stop allowing things to make you feel scared, and make you step back.  Learn to step through it and to step into it despite being afraid.

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