The Number Three enemy of your weight loss success is doubt.

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A Word On Self Sabotage…

It’s incredible how much we can sabotage ourselves with our mind, right?

I remember having this goal of wanting to lose 65 pounds, but in the back of my head all I kept thinking was: “Oh, my gosh.  You’re never going to get there.  You’re never going to be able to do it.  You don’t make the right decisions.  You don’t work out enough.  You’re not doing the right thing.”  We have this doubt in our mind, instead of belief that we can do it.

Today, I want you to replace the doubt that you have.  Whenever you start to hear those thoughts, telling you that you can’t do this; or that you are doing the wrong thing; or you’re never going to make it; or that it’s going to take forever, I want you to flip it on its head.  Whenever I would hear: “You’re never going to be able to lose that 65 pounds” I would flip it into: “I’m going to be able to lose the 65 pounds” and I would just repeat it out loud for my own ears to hear.

Whenever I started to hear myself say: “You don’t know what you’re doing in the gym”  I would change it into: “Man, I am the best in the gym. My workouts are amazing.”  I would just flip it on its head and tell myself the opposite, and then I started to believe it.

You Need To Replace Doubt With Belief

If you’re ever going to get to that goal, you have to let go of those doubting words, because those are the ones that drag you down and make you quit.  They make you stop.  They make you feel discouraged.

So, what are the things that you’re going to flip today?  What are those thoughts of doubt that you’re going to turn around for your benefit?  Doubt is the Number Three enemy to your weight loss success, and we’re going to change that right now.

Let me know in the comment below: What was your doubting thought and what have you changed it to?  

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