The number four enemy to your weight loss success is worry.

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Worry Of Failure

The number four enemy to your weight loss success is worrying about not knowing what to do. Worry literally paralyzes you in your tracks.  In other words, worrying is pretty much experiencing pain from something that hasn’t even happened yet.

I can remember worrying a lot when I was on my own journey to lose weight.  

I was worrying about what people would think of me in the gym; or worrying about what people would think if I failed.  I was worrying about what people would say if I didn’t lose the weight I said I would lose; or what they would say when I ordered a salad instead of a giant plate of nachos when we went out to eat.  I remember constantly worrying.  

I was worrying so much, that I would feel terrible most of the time and it would prevent me from taking the next step and moving forward.

I couldn’t order the right foods, do the right exercises, or feel good about my goal, because I was so worried about what other people would think.  I was thinking: “What will they think if I do this? Or what will they say if I make this choice?  How will they look at me?”  

I was paralyzed.  I couldn’t take the action that I needed to take to get the weight off, or get to my goal, because I was so worried.

Stop The Worry

I just want you to stop worrying about failure, about falling down, about making decisions, or about what other people will think.

Stop the worry.  Let it go today.  Just focus inwards.  Narrow in on your goal.  Every time that you start to feel worried about something, decide that you’re going to break through it. Tell yourself, “This hasn’t even happened. Why am I feeling pain for something that hasn’t even happened?

After I stopped letting worry torment me, I started to see things very clearly.  What I had to do to move forward became very obvious to me.  I was thinking: “Yes I CAN take those next steps. I CAN do that next thing that I need to do. I CAN go to the gym, I CAN make a decision when I go out to eat, instead of being worried about the people around me.”  

Whatever you focus on will become bigger, so if you focus on your goal and your effort, you will grow stronger and become better.  However, if you focus on other people and what they think, then your worry and your struggle will become bigger.

Allow your focus to shift from being worried to being focused and watch how everything changes.

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