Today, I’m going to talk about taking responsibility.

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Remember earlier this week, I asked you to look back at 2017 and write down what hadn’t gone your way?  I want you to pull out that list and check it out.  Maybe it was the fact that you didn’t get the promotion you wanted at work, or you didn’t lose that 30 pounds you wanted to lose, or you didn’t get to travel as often as you liked.  What were those things that didn’t go your way in 2017?

I Want You To Take FULL Responsibility

I want you to pull out that list, and I want you to take full responsibility for those things that didn’t happen. 

Ouch, right?

I know that kind of stings a little bit.  I know it might feel like it hurts, but until you take responsibility for what didn’t happen, you can’t move forward.  If you’re blaming it on someone else, like it’s someone else’s fault (ex: your boss’s fault, or your trainer’s fault, or your spouse’s fault for always going to the drive-through), then you’re not going to be able to succeed in 2018.

Why? — Because when you blame it on someone else, you don’t have control.  And when you don’t have control, you can’t improve it and succeed.  Success comes when you are ready to hold yourself accountable.

So, take a second and write down your full responsibility statements, like:

“I take responsibility for not losing the 30 pounds.”

“I take responsibility for not being able to travel to Europe.”

“I take responsibility for not getting the promotion that I wanted.

Once you do this, you’re going to feel this overwhelming sense of relief, because the second you acknowledge you are responsible for something, you also acknowledge you can fix what needs improvement to actually get there in 2018,  Okay?

So, start taking responsibility for the things that did not happen, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next tip on how to have the best year ever.

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