The Food Controlled me & I was a Fuddy Duddy…

Im in NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!

The Food Controlled Me…

We got here on Wednesday night and its been an amazing so far!

I got to go to the observatory at the top of Tower One, danced around Times Square, & I even got to see The Lion King on Broadway!

This is the first time I’ve even been here & this has been a LONG AWAITED trip of a lifetime!

My husband hasn’t been here either and this is something we’ve always talked about doing,

but thought the opportunity would never come.

but after the Zika virus cancelled our trip to the Dominican Republic this week,

we ended up with only our connecting flights through NYC & decided we would go!

So we are here unexpectedly & excited to explore…

& how we like to explore is by asking everyone we come into contact with

“what is your favorite thing to do in NYC” & then we go do it…

so when people respond with “you have to go get a Bagel & Lox from this amazing place”

You can’t turn down an experience of the New York way of life!!!

(but 6 months ago i would have)

My point is this,

You can’t let the food control you.


normally you hear me talk about being in control & NOT eating the food…

but I’ve found for me in just the couple resent months…

that I had gotten to the point where the food controlled me again,

but in the opposite state.

It didn’t matter if it was a once in a lifetime experience,

the best handmade “special treat” that you can only get in this ONE place in the entire world…

I wouldn’t do it.

I was sooooo worried about having ONE THING and being afraid

that it would throw me off the bandwagon…

& i wouldn’t be able to get back on…

that I became a complete and absolute FUDDY DUDDY!

(don’t be a buddy duddy)

Now I’m not saying go eat whatever you want…

DONE GET ME WRONG HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I’m saying is,


Having a Bagel & Lox on a day thats not your cheat meal

isn’t going to throw you into a downward spiral…

& gain 40 lbs back over night…

Thats where my mentality was at.

& it SUCKED.

So heres the final word.

Dont be afraid to have a once in a lifetime experience.

But don’t allow it to make you fall of the wagon…

or cause a downward spiral.


Now were off to Central Park to work it off!!!

Become a LadyBoss today

With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin