Crush Your Goals

This helped me have the most success in the long term for not only losing weight, but keeping it off. It kept me accountable to my goals.

Start with documenting your goals by posting on Facebook. I went public and challenged myself to lose 20 pounds in 90 days. This gives you accountability to the people you know, keeps your journey in the public eye.

Little did I know that I would end up losing 35 pounds in three months!

I thought, wouldn’t it be great if others could get inspired. I even posted pictures of my heart rate monitor showing how many calories I lost at the gym. But I needed to lose a total of 65 pounds to meet my goal. I took some pretty brutal pictures of myself out of breath, doing cardio. Those were not real pretty and truly embarrassing.

People gave me so much love and support. They helped get me to where I am today. Some friends posted, “If you can do this, I can do this.” When you post about your weight loss journey, it helps you have a lot of success because everyone is watching. You are inspiring them whether you realize it or not.

When you start the LadyBoss Lifestyle, document everything.

It’s important to keep a record of:

  • what you ate
  • your exercise routines
  • how many calories you burned
  • take pictures

Please, take pictures and record your progress.

Maybe going down a couple of inches in your waist and hips, and losing 10 pounds doesn’t feel like you made progress. Well, look back at those pictures, you have made progress!

During my journey I kept a journal of everything I ate and my workouts. It worked for me. Keep documenting everything, it helps you go further, faster, and longer on your journey to the LadyBoss Lifestyle.

…Remember, always be spreading sparkle…