The Third Law of Results:


My ultimate goal here is to help you have success with your health and fitness journey.

This is one of my ultimate favorite tips.

This one got me off my butt, forced me to get up and go after my goal.

And that tip is disgust.

Yeah, it sounds weird. But when you get to a place where you are disgusted about your situation, what you’re doing, your lifestyle, and your habits, then you have to change them.

I’m not talking about hating yourself or being down on yourself. If you’re disgusted about where you are, feel that you don’t want to be there anymore, then it’s time to do something different. Until you get disgusted, you will never want to change the current situation.

For example, I was eating at McDonald’s twice a day, eating two double- cheeseburgers, large fries, and a large coke. At home, I ate an entire tub of cookie dough. I melted a whole bowl of white chocolate and dipped a bag of pretzels.

Then one day I got fed up.

I got mad.

I remember sitting there eating something ridiculous like a whole bag of Doritos. I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach about the terrible things I was doing to my body, my life. I was unhappy and disgusted with the whole thing.

This is not how I wanted to live. I took responsibility for where I had gotten myself.

♦   Not liking myself because I was overweight.

♦  Feeling like I can’t wear anything…not fitting into my clothes.

I knew, I didn’t want this anymore. I wanted to leave all of this far behind me, buried in the past.

So what are the things in your life your life that disgust you? What’s going to move you forward? I’m not talking about shaming or being mean to yourself.

I want you write down on a piece of paper, what behaviors disgust you:

1)  Going through the McDonald’s drive-thru after work.

2)  Repulsed about how you feel about yourself.

3)  Disgusted about feeling sad, lacking confidence.

Write down these things for yourself on a piece of paper. Crumble up that paper and throw it away. And know in your heart that you never have to feel that way again. You are ready to make change. So do it.

Make the decision…

You can make this happen and get healthy and fit. LadyBoss will be there to help you achieve your goal of permanent weight loss.

Remember, all you have to do is focus on WINNING TODAY!

…Remember, always be spreading sparkle…