Time and time again, people message me and tell me: “I wish I had your motivation”.  It makes me so mad. I cannot even stand it.

Motivation is such a lie.

Motivation is a lie and is total BS.  Motivation comes and goes.  It is like an emotion.  It is the same as not being happy all the time; not being sad all the time; or not being excited all the time.  We are supposed to go through these emotions.  It is actually expected for us to go through this variety of emotions all of the time because we are human and it is human nature NOT to be consistently motivated.

Our emotions are like a roller coaster.  Motivation is the same way.  It comes and goes.  It is never steady. It is never consistent.

So then the question becomes, how do you actually get motivated?

There is actually a formula you can use to get that motivation you are looking for.

I want you to know there is an actual formula you can use to help you get that motivation you are looking for.  It is about finding your values, your goals and your why.  I’ve already planned it all out for you so you can walk through it step by step.

I don’t want to ruin it for you on here, because I know that it is a really awesome process for you to go through yourself.  Finding your values, your goals and your why is something that I had to do on my journey to lose 65lbs.  So, whoever is telling you that you need to get motivated is lying to you.  Run away from them because there is no such thing.  It is going to come and go.  It always does.

You have to do the work. You have to do the process. You have to find your goals and your why.  You cannot expect motivation to be the one leading you through this journey all of the time.

Instead of looking for motivation, look for your reason “WHY”.

I want you to look for YOUR reason why you are going to do it, instead of looking for motivation.

If your reason why is strong enough, it will become more than a want and a need.  It will become a core belief; a must; or even a conviction.  Your mind set will be so powerful, you won’t even need motivation anymore to push you forward.  You will have something that is pulling you automatically.

Click HERE and get the process I made for you.  It is super simple. It is going to be totally fun for you to go through; to restart your metabolism; and restart your motivation.  You will be able to find the real reasons why you are doing this, so you can have the results you are looking for.

If you do the work and you find your real reasons for why you want to do this, you will always feel excited, instead of feeling like you’re not motivated.

What is your reason why?  Share it in a comment below!

With LOVE, always.