This is a REAL Entry from My Diary…

Entry Feb 24, 2015

I feel like this is a question everyone asks me…

“How did you lose the 65 lbs?”

Sometimes, I hate the question.

Sometimes I just want to say “I dunno” because its the easy answer…but I know that that won’t possibly help anyone & I don’t want to be selfish…

I want to be able to help every single person that I can. Maybe I hate the question because it makes me think about how bad things used to be. But it brings me back to all of the negative emotions that I had in those days…

♥  How frustrated I was with myself.

♥  How mad I was at myself.

♥  How much I hated looking in the mirror.

♥  How self conscious I was.

♥  How low my self esteem was.

♥  How much I was binge eating.

Each time someone asks me how I did it, I learn something new about the process I went through to make it happen. And then I get to use it to help others…which in reality makes me LOVE being asked the question…

Am I weird or something?

Whatever, I like being weird 🙂 God made me weird & I like it…I wouldn’t want my life any other way. So anyway, after being asked this question a million times I feel like I finally know the #1 answer to how I lost the weight…


I feel like people think losing weight is over a “span of time” but its not. It totally happens in a moments notice. BAM.  Just like that.

I DECIDED that I was going to lose the weight no matter what it took.

I DECIDED to put all of my energy, focus, & resources into making it happen…

It was like going from having a “flood light” type focus to having a LASER BEAM zeroed in on accomplishing my goal. I DECIDED in my mind that I had already lost the weight. But now I just needed to take the action steps to accomplish it.

I dunno, maybe this is all silly… but I feel like it’s the truth.

That’s not the answer people want to hear though, unfortunately. They want to know about some “secret this” or “magic that”. It almost makes me sad because the ONLY thing holding them back from losing the weight is their lack of belief in them self. (I want to help them BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!!!!)

If they would just DECIDE that they were going to do it. They would be unstoppable. I know because that’s what happened to me. I DECIDED. & now to think about it … after I decided was when I stopped caring about what everyone else thought. Because i was going to do it no matter what.

•  I stopped talking bad about myself –

because I was already taking action towards bettering myself.

•  I stopped eating crap –

because my laser focus was on my goal.

•  I stopped being unconfident –

because in my mind I was invincible.

But it all started AFTER I DECIDED. I think people think its the other way around…like, they need to be confident BEFORE they can go to the gym.

They think they will talk better to themselves AFTER they lose weight.

They think they will stop caring what others think AFTER they get results…but its not true.

Ugh…………… how do I get them to realize??????????

Everything they need is already INSIDE of them!!!!!!!!!!!


That they can do anything they set their mind to…

But they just need to SET THEIR MIND to it.


[[Just thought if you could read some of MY thoughts, it would help you with YOUR thought process…]]


With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin