You Have To Visualize Your Goals

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So, if you’re going to set yourself up for the most epic year ever in 2018, you have to be able to visualize your goals.  I know that may sound weird, but trust me, it works.   

I want you to look back at that list that we made earlier this week, with all of your goals.  For each and every goal, I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself like you are already there.  The longer you do this, the easier it will get.  It only takes like two seconds, okay.  You can do this in the morning when you wake up or in the evening.  You can even do this first thing when you get to work, right?  Pull out that list of goals any chance you get, and picture yourself like you’ve already achieved the goal.

Let’s Do An Example  

Say your goal is losing 65 pounds.  It’s really important to just close your eyes down, take a second and see yourself 65 lbs lighter.  See how you feel.  Let the feelings actually sink in.  Do you feel happy?  Do you feel excited?  Do you feel healthy?  How do you feel on the inside of your body?

The reason it is so important to do this, is because your brain doesn’t know the difference between you visualizing the goal and it actually being true, Okay?  So, the more you visualize yourself being there: being 65 pounds lighter, feeling amazing, feeling great, feeling confident, loving yourself, the more your brain thinks it’s actually true.  Then, what happens is it lines up your subconscious body with your conscious body and allows them to come together to help you get to that goal.

It is a very powerful strategy.  And all you have to do is take 30 seconds in the morning, or 30 seconds in the evening, to see yourself achieving the goals that you listed.  See yourself traveling in Europe.  See yourself getting that promotion.  See yourself losing that 30 pounds that maybe you want to lose.  

I promise you, this strategy will catapult you towards your goal, because your body subconsciously will believe it to be true, and therefore find a way to make those things happen.  Start visualizing yourself at your goal, and tune in tomorrow for the next tip on making 2018 the most epic year ever.

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