So the last tip that I have for you on setting up the most epic year ever in 2018 is creating those new habits.

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What If You Don’t Know Where To Start?

How do you even know what new habits you should be creating?  

Answer: You look at that list of goals that you wrote for each life category.

If you haven’t done this list, click this link : The First Thing On Your To-Do List

What I want you to do is look at those different life categories, and pick the biggest goal in each of those categories.  An example would be: “I want to lose 30 pounds this year.”  Alright, so now all we have to do is reverse engineer it to see what your actual habits should be.  

Personally, when I wanted to lose 65 pounds, I felt really overwhelmed.  I was thinking: “oh my gosh, 65 pounds, how am I ever going to get there?  How am I ever going to actually lose all that weight.  That’s so much weight.”  So what I did was, I decided: “you know what?  I feel overwhelmed every time I think about it, so how can I break it down and bring it back to a level one?”  Then, I realized It all comes back to winning the day.  All I have to do is win today.  Because if I can win today, win tomorrow, and so on, then it adds up to winning a week.  And if I can win this week, then I can win this month. And if I can win this month, then I can win three months, six months, and eventually win the whole year, right?

Winning The Day

So,  how do we break down our goal into winning the day?  If you can break it down to just five actions, that you can do on a daily basis, that will eventually get you to that goal, then you can just focus on those five things, right?

Personally, to lose 65 pounds, I needed to drink water every day, I needed to eat three healthy meals and three healthy snacks, I needed to repeat positive and reinforcing affirmations everyday, I needed to workout, and finally, I had to write my goals and review my goals every day.  I knew if I did these five things everyday, that it would help me get to my goal.

Think about your big goal as a tree, okay? If you stand in front of this big tree, it looks enormous and overwhelming.  If you want to cut it down with an ax, you’re probably looking at a whole day’s worth of swinging.  However, just like John C. Maxwell says: “if you swing the ax five times daily, every day, eventually the tree will fall.”  So, what are those five things, that you could do daily, that would line up for each of your goals?  I want you to map out your five daily actions for each of your goals.

You will probably realize that a lot of them overlap each other, like going to bed earlier can help you lose weight and be more focused at work; or working out from home can help you lose weight, save money, and spend more time at home with your family.   You’ll find a lot of cross pollinating between your goals and the things that you need to do.

Write those five things down, because then you can check them off, and win the day, to eventually win the week.  And if you could do that every week, then you can eventually win the year

That’s my final tip for making this year the most epic year ever in.  I hope you enjoyed this.

Make sure that you go back and watch the other videos/read the other blogs from earlier this week.   I want you to take a picture of your journal and post in the comment section below!  I can’t wait to see your journals.  I am ready for the most epic year ever, and I hope that you are too.

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