Why You Should Use a

Heart Rate Monitor

I use one all the time when I work out. I feel that it is a very important tool to get you healthy and help you lose weight. Most fitness tracking devices, especially on gym machines, don’t show you how hard you are working. Instead they show you “steps” or you get points for a certain amount of energy expended. They don’t really give you the information that you need.

   A heart rate monitor actually shows how hard you are working in the gym.

   A heart rate monitor doesn’t lie.

   I like them.

Often, I’ll be working out and I think I am working so hard. But when I look down at my heart rate monitor and it shows me something different. The numbers prove that my heart rate is not where it needs to be. Then, I know I have to work harder, a lot harder. A heart rate monitor never lies.

You can check out the monitor during your cardio workout. Then, adjust how hard you are working to get your heart rate exactly in the right zone. That’s why I like them.

You may feel like you are pushing yourself hard but with a heart rate monitor, you know exactly how hard you are working. Plus, it helps keep you in that “zone” that you want to be in during cardio workouts. That gives you the best workout you can get because with a heart rate monitor, you can make sure that your heart rate is in the target zone. Maximizing your time doing cardio with a heart rate monitor will get results. I promise you, Ladies.

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