Should you workout from home?

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I know this is a question that we sometimes fight over in our mind: “Should I workout at home? Should I be working out at the gym? Should I be doing at-home workouts? Should I be doing body weight stuff?

Yes, You Should, But…

Here’s the deal.  Yes, you should workout at home if that’s the only way you can work out.  If that’s the only time that you can fit it in, and you literally have nothing else, you can get up a little bit earlier, and workout at home.  However, I truly believe, that you need to be in the gym weight training, a couple times a week, because body weight stuff only gets you so far.  If you really want to get that toned and fit look that you are looking for, you definitely need to be hitting the weights in the gym.  But, if you can get some dumbbells, or some equipment at home, workout at home.  

I particularly don’t like working out at home, because it’s my area to relax when I get home from work.  However, I do keep a piece of cardio equipment at home.  I have an elliptical here,  and I’ve had treadmills in the past that I’ve just bought off of Craigslist for like 100 bucks.  I’ve also had spin bikes — I pretty much have had just about everything.  It does help to have a piece of cardio equipment at home for those days where all I want to do is cardio, and I don’t have a ton of time on my hands.  It is definitely better than having nothing.   So yes, I like being able to do cardio at home.  I wake up a little bit earlier and I do it before I leave for work, or sometimes after work.  

If I were you, I would not rely solely on working out at home, unless it is your only option.  Otherwise,  find a little bit of space here and there everyday, and get to the gym.  

The Gym Serves As The Perfect Environment To Workout

I believe in putting yourself in a different environment that is going to push you to give it your all while you workout.   An environment where you don’t get distracted.  At home, I’m constantly thinking about my chores while I workout.  Personally, if I try to do burpees on the floor at home, I will also be thinking about the laundry that I need to get done at the same time.

Think about the environment in which you can succeed in your workout, and workout there.  For example, while I’m doing my occasional at-home cardio workout, I will typically do it in the morning and read a book or watch a sermon on my iPad at the same time.  I really enjoy kick starting my day with some inspiration, or learning about personal development.  But, when it comes to my actual weight training workout, I like to be in an environment like the gym, where I can focus an be free from distractions.   

So, make sure you get into the gym and get in some weight lifting a couple times a week.  Get a piece of cardio equipment at home so you don’t feel like you’re trapped by the gym and that’s the only place where you can get calories burned.  Find a piece of cardio equipment on Craigslist that is super cheap. Use it until the wheels fall off and then get a new one.  

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