I LITERALLY get asked this every single day:

“How Much Time

Do I Need to Spend at the Gym?”

Two hours? My whole life?


No, not at all. You  don’t have to spend a lot of time at the gym.Everyday workouts should last ONLY 30 to 40 minutes. 

Here are my Three Keys to success at the gym:

Key #1

Be there physically and mentally…have a game plan before you get there. Don’t walk into the gym saying, “Maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that.” Nothing gets done. Focus on your goal: you come first at the gym.

Key #2

Do cardio movements in-between your workout sets. This spikes your heart rate. Then, you bring it back down during your weight training.

Key #3

This is the biggest one, airplane mode your phone! The number one distraction in the gym is your cell phone.

Time is the one thing you can’t ever get back.

Protect your time, value your time, because you are worth it. Do you feel that you don’t have time to work out? Here’s the easy solution:

  Make yourself the Number One Priority when you go to the gym.

  No distractions, ignore Facebook, stay focused.

♥  Keep your workout to 30-40 minutes get in, get out.

♥  Treat your workout like a job.

♥  Organize and prioritize your time at the gym.

♥  Keep to the plan and turn off that cell phone.

When you’re in the gym, you’re there for one thing and one thing only: YOU.You are not at the gym to make friends, socialize or play on Facebook.

•  Getting done what you need to get done, it’s good for you.

•  Time spent at the gym will reward you in many, many ways.

•  Don’t let distractions keep you from your goal!

Remember, use my Three Keys and keep your daily workout to 30-40 minutes. If you do these things, your results are going to go through the roof!


With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin